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What is a Health Coach and Why Do You Need One?

You want to live a healthier and happier life but you’re not sure where to start. Perhaps you’re considering a Health Coach…but what exactly does that mean?

A common misconception about a Health Coach is that they are going to hand you a detailed plan of what you need to do to live a healthier lifestyle, they’re going to hand you a specific meal and exercise plan to lose weight or tell you the exact steps you need to take to drop a bad habit.

A Health Coach is not just going to hand you a plan. A Health Coach is going to coach you through the process of making healthy and lasting changes.

  • Goal Setting: A health coach will help you create SMART and realistic goals for yourself.

  • Analysis: A health coach will help you look at your current lifestyle and identify where you can and need to make changes to reach your goals.

  • Barrier to Change: A health coach will help you identify roadblocks that could get in the way of your goals.

  • Healthy Changes: A health coach will assist you at finding healthy activities that you will find enjoyable, as well as identify areas where you can add or swap out these healthy activities/habits.

  • Assessment: A health coach will help you assess the changes you’re making and your progress towards your goal.

  • Setbacks: If you have a setback, a health coach can help you look at what happened, so you identify solutions to avoid similar setbacks in the future.

  • Accountability Coach + Cheerleader: A health coach is there to help you hold yourself accountable and cheer you along through journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The key phrase that keeps coming up is help you. The health coach is not doing the work for you, they are helping you to do the work for yourself, helping you to find ways to make a lasting change.

Seems easy enough, right? So why would you need or want to meet with a health coach?

First, when it comes to goal setting, sometimes we set big and overwhelming goals for ourselves. When we set a goal that is too big or out of reach, we are setting ourselves up for failure. A health coach can help you dial in your goal, making it more specific and attainable, as well as finding smaller goals along the way. By doing this, it helps you feel more successful and motivated to keep moving forward.

Next, it’s always helps to have an outside perspective. A health coach helps you look at things a different way than you may do on your own, helping you to identify areas of change or areas that are challenging to you, that you may not have necessarily found on your own.

Another big benefit of a health coach is accountability. When you know you’re going to have to share your progress with someone, you are more likely to stay on track. And if you do fall off track, your health coach will help you determine what happened and how you can better prepare for next time.

It’s not easy to do it alone, but with the right support, you can start crushing your goals. If you think a health coach might be the right path for you, visit My Health Coaching Page for more information and to book your first session.

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